Digital Marketing and Photoshoot for a Multicuisine Restaurant- Kingfisher

Digital Marketing for a multicuisine restaurant “Kingfisher Restaurant”

Kingfisher restaurant , situated in Uttara is a multicuisine fine dinning restaurant providing authentic and original dishes to the customers. Kingfisher as a restaurant provides a lot of unique experiences but specializes in buffet dinning. They needed the proper design and contents to elevate their social media presence and promote the Buffet offerings.


Social Media Contents

We have created a lot of high quality social media contents for that brand that elevated the social media presence


Animated Explainer Video

We have created many animated contents for the brand as video gets more attention on social media


Food Photography

As Kingfisher is specializes in buffet dinning we did food photography of the buffet items for digital campaign


That You Can Browse

Impressed with our work for this brand? Here are some recommended porfolios for you to go through

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